M.E And Relationships.

Coming to terms with having a long-term invisible illness is hard for you. But you don't realise that others will struggle with this too. I was diagnosed around 10 years ago now, but I was poorly a long time before I was diagnosed. Which made it hard for people to understand. "Well what's wrong with… Continue reading M.E And Relationships.


How I Bargain Hunt.

In our house when we see the postman somebody will always say "delivery of the day", I think that speaks for itself really doesn't it? Can you actually beat browsing online? I love just scrolling through on my phone or laptop different fashion and beauty websites, and Ebay and Depop. Now don't think that because I… Continue reading How I Bargain Hunt.

The Kid That Barely Made It Through School…

Life with M.E (myalgic encephalomyelitis) - try and say that one out loud! (yes I had to google the spelling) This is my story. My Explanation. It may be different to others, but this is just me telling mine. Sit down and get yourself a coffee! You might need it! Here we go.. Every damn… Continue reading The Kid That Barely Made It Through School…